AOC Contracting Unit is responsible for procuring and administering contracts within our operating area on behalf of the company. Services are procured for various stakeholders such as engineering, research and technology, inspection, construction and maintenance, and information technology. The unit also registers new service providers and maintains their profiles.

Procuring contracts that underpin business relationships is a key area of AOC operations.

AOC Contracting Unit develops and procures service contracts to support the company’s business operations. This responsibility is worldwide, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, the United States and Canada. AOC maintains policies and procedures to the highest standard, providing fairness and integrity among contractors.

The Unit has successfully developed and administered contracts for inspection services in AOC’s geographical area of operation for major Saudi Aramco capital projects and for infrastructure projects on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An inside story

The Saudi Arabian Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo

The Contracting Unit turned around the contract for the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo in just 14 days. The services outlined in the contract, included media/onsite PR services and website development. Thanks largely to the efforts of contractors, who managed to develop and present competitive bids for tender within less than one week, the contract was signed and issued soon after.


An inside story

Complex R&T contracts

The AOC Contracting Unit in collaboration with the Research & Development Center, end-user in Saudi Arabia, the AOC Law team and third party legal counsel, developed and implemented a number of complex collaborative research agreements including the assignment of Intellectual Property rights.